Media Kit

Short summary

Since 2012 there is my Instagram Account, which is about running, motivation, equipment and experience reports. At the beginning of 2014 I implemented the idea for my own running blog. Since then I have been reporting on my life as an athlete and my passion for running, triathlon, tech and travelling.

About Benjamin (32)

  • Occupation: Product Owner
  • Body size: 194cm
  • Hometown: Hamburg, Germany
  • Languages: English & German
  • Hobbys: Running, Triathlon, Coaching, Programming, Photography

Cooperation & Services
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Instagram campagins
  • Travel and running reports
  • Product tests (Blog and storytelling)
  • Brand ambassador
  • Long-term collaborations
Blog Reach

  • Views / Months* 18 000
  • Single Views / Months* 7 810

*Average of the last three months

Last updated 2020-09-09


In Cooperation with ASICS

  • Blogposts
  • Travel report
  • Story telling via Instagram
  • Fokus Launch Asiscs MetaRide and Tokyo Marathon
TACX NEO 2 Review
Garmin Varia RTL511

In Cooperation with GARMIN

Since the product release of Orthomol Sport in 2018 we have a cooperation. Im ersten Schritt ging es um verschiedene Blog-Posts zum Produkt und allgemeine Themen with product placement. In addition, I use the products on a daily basis and also during my training sessions. This year we continued with story telling on instagram and with a trip to austria with the orthomol sports team.

  • Product review after launch event
  • Instagram, Facebook & Newsletter announcement to the blog post
  • Blog post to to the topic drinking tips for a competition day
  • Participation in the sports weekend in austria incl. instagram accompaniment and blog post
  • Continues storry telling about the orthomol products via instagram
  • Brand ambassador

With all our cooperations we remain first and foremost faithful to ourselves. Pictures, texts and postings on the Social Media channels come exclusively from our own digital spring. That we paid contributions and social media Marking contributions as advertising is a matter of course for us. We only work together with companies with which we can identify ourselves 110%. Above all, cooperations must provide added value for our readers and for us. Authenticity, transparency, as well as honesty towards our readers and followers is our first priority.

  • Benjamin Neske
  • Jessenstr. 27, 22767 Hamburg
  • +49 151 15775003